Delivery Information

  • The shipments are processed by our logistics partners

  • Reliable parcel delivery within defined standard delivery times is the strong point of courriers.
    Domestic parcels usually reach their destination in less than 24 hours.
    In Europe delivery times are generally between 24 and 96 hours.
    The courrier delivers Monday to Friday during normal business hours.
    If the sender takes out no transport insurance, the courrier compensates beyond the statutory liability up to the value of the goods (up to a defined maximum).
    Parcel products can be combined with optional services, meaning that the courrier is also able to meet special delivery requirements.
    Please see the checkout for shipping costs to your country.
    You will also find whether the shipment can be sent to you duty free.
    In any event, you are responsible for duties levied on the shipment and/or for any taxes customary in your country.

  • The courrier is liable for loss or damage of parcels in its custody.
    Liability is limited to a maximum amount, varying from country to country, and does not include consequential damages like loss of profit.
    If the sender takes out no transport insurance, GLS will compensate the value of the goods beyond the limitation of liability up to a defined maximum depending on the country.
    Value of the goods is defined as the purchase price, for second-hand goods the current value or for goods dispatched on occasion of an auction the auction price, depending on which amount is the lowest in the individual case. You can find further information in the terms and conditions of your country.

  • Shipments for items in stock in the warehouse are sent out within one working days.
    Shipping times vary depending on the transport firm, extreme weather circumstances and the distance.
    In exceptional cases, it may happen that individual items are no longer available despite being identified as available at the time the order is placed and processed.
    You will be informed about this; when the item is available again, it will be necessary to order it again.