Since 25th May 2018 the regulations concerning the protection of personal data are changing. This will also affect eulifa B2B shop. On this day will begin to take effect GDPR. Regulation of European Parlament on the protection of personal data
*We have created an inspector responsible for protecting data in accordance with new regulations. You can get in touch with him on the following address: Write to him in every matter connected with your personal data.
* You have right to demand an access to your data, you can ask for removing it (if others regulations do not make it impossible), clarification, processing or moving it. You can not accept its use in the marketing purposes, including profiling. It is you who decide what is going on with your personal data.
* We use your personal data on the ground of the acceptance, which we got from you during registration in our shop. The base of its use is the necessity of the use to complete the orders and/or sending the newsletter – which we send because of our interest, ie. to promote our goods and services.
* We keep your personal data until the moment when you demand removing it. Remember though, that not always will be possible its immediate removing. If you bought something from us, we will have to preserve your data for 8 years – it is what we are made to do according to inland income revenue regulations.
* We can give your personal data to our subcontractors – among others when it comes to informatic services. We assure that we will take all necessary steps so that your data would be used in a way which is appriopriate to our needs and the subcontractors take care of their security as well as we do.
* If you consider that there is a violation of the regulations on the protection of personal data, you have right to lodge a complaint to the department, which is responsible for the protection of personal data. You can find our new privacy policy here

See GDPR module here